What Escort Services Can You Use?

Given the current situation, physical escort dating might be out of option. But, no worries, if you find yourself alone during the festivities, you can still make your date count and book the following services.

The Girlfriend Experience

Done a bit differently-over the phone or on-camera- the GFE is still one of the ultimate escort services to use. If you have a regular GFE escort, you can invite her to dine with you on camera, celebrate over the phone or even sext, if the mood calls for it. Still a service dedicated to our clients’ utmost satisfaction, the GFE can be done even virtually and will guarantee you a cure for your loneliness.

Two-girl Experiences

Again, although over the phone or mostly on-camera, two-girl fantasies make a cosy scenario to warm you up in no time. Booking two escorts instead of one is a thrill of its own, and reserving the experience for a themed evening sounds even better. While you’ll mostly be an observer in the scenario, you can always partake by talking, initiating, and even directing the course of action.

Couple’s Escort Dates

Just like you can get your fair share of the experience, your partner can also take part in the fun. Namely, escorts offer couple’s dating, which works when you have a partner to explore the experience with. Chatting with an escort or partying together on-camera will give you an atypical date intended for both yours and your partner’s pleasure.

Tips on Booking a Escort Date!

For the best escort experience, please follow our guidelines as follow:
Contact our escort agency for details on your chosen escort or service
Check if your desired escort offers a certain service you like
Ensure your escort is available just in time to
Make it a proper experience- have dinner, talk, share, and get to know each other better
Leave a nice review at the end of your date Be safe, have fun, and greet the new year in style!

From us at the Yorkshire VIP escort centre- let’s make this year the sexiest yet!