What Does Your Partner Want in Bed?

In the game of sex, opinions and likes change over time. Even if you have known your partner for a long time, it is completely normal for them and you to change your sexual preferences throughout the years. Fortunately, there are many ways to find out what your partner wants in bed and how sexual pleasure has changed for them.

Introducing the naughty survey, a list of 30 questions that will turn the discomfort of asking into a playful date night game. If you were looking for the perfect opportunity to spice up your sex life, have a look at the 30 sex-related questions below.

1. How long do you prefer foreplay to last?

2. Would you rather have morning, afternoon or evening sex?

3. Do you prefer being loud or quiet during sex?

4. Would you rather do oral or receive oral?

5. Would you rather sext or send a nude?

6. How do you feel about making a sex tape?

7. Are you more kinky or naughty?

8. Be honest, car sex or public sex?

9. Choose your favorite- spanking or binds?

10. Have you ever fantasized about two other people having sex?

11. If caught masturbating, would you stop or finish?

12. Would you choose eye contact during sex or dirty talking?

13.When is your sex drive the highest?

14. Would you enjoy being woken up with oral sex?

15. What was your last sex dream?

16. Are you more dominant or more submissive?

17. What excites you more- threesomes or swingers?

18. What do you prefer more- being on the top or bottom?

19. Other than the bed, what are your top three other places to have sex?

20. What do you enjoy more- rough sex or sensual sex?

21. Would you have me watch you have sex with someone else or would you watch me?

22. What’s your flavor- a quickie or marathon sex?

23. What gets you wet out of the blue?

24. What makes you orgasm the fastest?

25. Choose your favorite oral action- licking, sucking, or biting?

26. Do you prefer having sex when you’re tipsy or sober?

27. What’s sexier, wearing lingerie or a long, white office shirt?

28. What’s your favorite dirty word?

29. Would you watch me masturbate in front of you or the other way around?

30. What’s sexier- reading a dirty book or watching a dirty movie?

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