5 Unwritten Rules of Casual Sex!

So, you have decided to dig into the beauty that is casual sex. That’s great!

However, although you might have some experience with it, casual sex is not actually friends-with-benefits sex. In the former scenario, you typically don’t know the other person that much, or not at all. So, why does that matter?

Well, Unwritten Rules of Casual Sex, there are always a few rules to apply in order to ensure a great experience without any emotional or other consequences. Below, we list five of them.

Unwritten Rules of Casual Sex: Protection!

Saying you need to use protection during casual sex is likely an understatement. Protection is always welcomed in untested waters and can keep you safe from STIs and possible pregnancy. But, when it comes to protection, condoms alone won’t do the trick. According to sex experts, while having condoms will get half the job done, you should also rely on at least one other form of protection. The pill, maybe?


Casual sex can be quite tricky, as you are not intimately connected to the person next to you, but you also don’t want to seem disinterested. When engaging in casual encounters, make sure you maintain eye contact enough so the other person doesn’t feel neglected or unimportant. And while we’re discussing eye contact, don’t forget to pay attention to touches, kisses and decent foreplay.

Unwritten Rules of Casual Sex: Lubricant!

Even if it is only casual sex, lubricant can be very effective in making the sex feel good. Lubricants are not your typical casual-sex extras, but then, bringing one will certainly make the tryst smoother and more personal. Plus, if you know your way around lube, the person lying next to you will certainly applaud your efforts.


In casual sex, consent matters a lot. What goes and doesn’t go in the bedroom is important to discuss up front, so that you have a middle ground to work with. Not everyone always likes what you like when having sex, so be sure to have consent and avoid sending mixed messages.

Unwritten Rules of Casual Sex: Hang Out!

Okay, so you’ve had your casual sex and it was amazing! Now, don’t go dressing up and leaving immediately, or not unless it wasn’t discussed earlier. Spooning is a great trick to use in your casual encounters, so be a gentleman, and make some room for TLC, even if casually.

Source: https://www.askmen.com/sex/casual-sex.html

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