Things You Can and Shouldn’t Ask Your Escort!

Rotherham escorts are the best fun you’ll find in town!  

Whether for a dinner date, a smooth outing in town or a private affair at a hotel, our escorts are happy to meet you for the first, second or the fiftieth time! Packed on skills and talents, a date with any of our escorts is a real treat for any curious client.

When meeting a Rotherham VIP escort, manners are among the most important thing to consider, as well as communication skills. To set you on the right track, here are a few conversation pointers on what to talk about with your escort date- and what to steer clear from.

Likes and Dislikes 

If you are not shy to open up about what you like in bed and outside it- and you shouldn’t be- your escort will be happy to go over your likes and dislikes. When it comes to bedroom pleasures, you can share your experience with your date or have her fulfil a long-desired fantasy- the choice is yours.


From your beloved travel destination to your preferred foods, lounge spots and more, talking favourites with an escort is a fun way to get to know one another. In turn, you can ask your escort to share her favourites as well, which will help you get an idea of how to make your date even more enjoyable.

Don’t Talk about: Private Lives

The reason you booked an escort is to enjoy a private and discreet experience without the drama of a relationship. Because of that, it would be inappropriate and redundant to get into your private lives and start prying. As much as you don’t want to discuss your personal life, keep in mind that your escort has one, too- and she probably feels the same about sharing her personal info with you.

Don’t Talk about: Future Plans

Unless you are booking the GFE for a few months, making future plans with a Rotherham escort should not be on your discussion topic menu. With so many escorts to choose from and date in different scenarios, chances are, you won’t stick to one girl only- so make no promises and rest assured- she’ll hold no grudges for it.

Don’t Talk about: Discounts

Even if you are a regular client, debating fees and costs and asking for discounts should not be the direction you want to take. As your bookings are processed through our escort centre, there’s no point in debating service fees with your date, but simply come to us- and we’ll be thrilled to give you more details on our latest promotions.