The Gift Etiquette: Praise Your Escort Accordingly!

The holiday season just keeps on giving and it is time you master the art of it as well!

Now, giving gifts on holidays is nothing new, but when it comes to gifting your escort date, things might get tricky. For one, you are in no way obliged to present your escort with a token of appreciation. But, if you really want to make an impression with a gift, there are several things to know ahead of time.

For all clients who are looking to surprise their date with something special, here are the basics of buying an escort a gift.

1. Choosing the Right Gift

The first thing you need to consider when buying something for your escort date is to do it from the heart. That said, escorts are used to receiving impersonal gifts, especially of the sexy kind. So, while you might think a vibrator is a great idea for a gift, you could do better with something a bit more whimsical, like lingerie, a nice book or even a scented candle. 

2. A Show of Generosity

Some clients feel that crafted gifts have that personal touch to them, and while it may be true, it doesn’t apply to escorts. When buying a gift for your escort date, you want to go classy, elegant and stylish. No, you don’t have to overspend or go VIP shopping, but feel free to go for a more sophisticated option. 

3. Tips Make Great Gifts

If you are busy or you simply cannot make up your mind, treating your escort with a rich tip can serve as a great holiday gift. Escorts are not ones to want or demand gifts, but they sure love their tips, and you know that every good client never shies away from a fat tip. The only thing you can do to make the gift more festive is to place it in a polished envelope or even box it for your date to find.

4. Have a Few Options Ready

Along with the aforementioned, you should always have a few other gift options in mind. With that, you can give your escort a spa gift card or a limited shopping card. You can also get her a nice bottle of her favourite liquor, or you can surprise her with a new pair of satin slippers for whenever she visits you.

Sounds about right? Let’s go shopping!


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