6 Tips for Your Steamiest Escort Trip!

Planning to spend a weekend at the mountain cabin, accompanied by your favorite escort? How about sipping a fancy cocktail at the beach all week long and in great company? Yes, traveling with an escort is always fun and exciting, and it comes with a few hot treats and surprises, too!

Whatever your favorite destination may be, one thing remains certain, it is all the more thrilling with a professional escort by your side. If you want to ensure you spend the hottest, raunchiest, most exhilarating time together, here are 6 ways to do it.

Think, Playtime!

Take this time off to recharge and reconnect with your most sensual self. As can be expected, an escort date promises lots of steamy moments in bed, so feel free to flirt, tease, and foreplay your heart out. While at it, equip yourself with some sexy ‘musts, such as lube, toys, and creative props. 

Escort Trip: Devices, Off!

Technology is a major mood killer when it comes to escorts, holidays, and making the most of it. The obvious advice would be for you to turn off your phone and laptop and focus more on pleasure and intimacy. After all, it is why you came here in the first place, right?

Stay Protected!

Yes, you are feeling eclectic and yes, your escort is everything you imagined she would be. While all that is fine, don’t let the adrenaline and excitement to make you careless. As always, you want to bring protection with you, so think condoms, sex blankets, and after-care necessities.

Escort Trip: Set up the Tone!

When going on a holiday with your escort, you should consider connecting over something other than bedroom activities. That said, it is a gentleman’s thing to take your date out to dinners, party at a nightclub, ride a boat, and simply spend quality time together.

The Dive!

And we do mean literally. Namely, hotel pools, Jacuzzis, hot tubs, or the ocean make a great place for a date as well as fooling around. There is just something appealing about having some fun in the sun and having a gorgeous date to share the experience with.

Escort Trip: Think, Hormones!

For both men and women, testosterone contributes to better sex. High testosterone means a greater sex drive, but for men and women, these peaks can happen at different times during the day. If this happens during your holiday and with your escort, don’t panic. Men usually have the highest testosterone in the mornings and women in the evenings, so let’s call for afternoon sex and meet somewhere in the middle.

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