Spontaneous or Scheduled Sex: What Works Better?

Spontaneous sex seems to be this movie-like scenario that couples just go crazy for. Where there’s spontaneity, they say, there is a greater sexual desire, drive, and lust. Unfortunately, this state of mind is not as simple or as common as we might think. The truth is, the idea of always having spontaneous sex can overshadow the greatness which comes with scheduled sex.

You heard it right, scheduled sex is one hell of a healthy practice to try!

According to sex experts, as fun, as spontaneous sex can be, it is never quite as frequent or satisfying as scheduled sex. Here are the reasons why scheduled sex might top spontaneous trysts for good! 

1. Logistics and practicality!

Leading a busy life can hurt your spontaneity in bed, but scheduling sex can actually help you get organized. Putting sex activities on your calendar is more suitable for couples who just cannot find enough time for each other and casual daters who want their free hours of the day filled with lust and company.

2. Beating the Drought!

When you have scheduled sex, you leave yourselves less room to go through a sexual drought. As much as we hate to admit it, being spontaneous is not as easy as it seems, so taking that route and waiting for the magic to just happen can hurt your regular sex habits. With scheduling sex, however, you will always have a lustful tryst to look forward to without waiting for the right ‘flow’ to get you in the mood.

3. Physical Preparation!

Marking your sex dates on a calendar gives you more time to prepare adequately and have a great time in bed. Spontaneity doesn’t work well on every occasion, as sometimes, you simply want to groom or shower before hitting the bed. That said, already knowing when your next orgasm is coming gives you room to pamper right, set the tone for your date, or purchase a new lube ahead of time.

4. Finding Your Pace

Just because you are scheduling sex doesn’t mean that you can’t be versatile or frequent with it. You can work your hours around bedtime or you can have sex in the mornings. Sometimes, you might want to have sex in the shower or book a weekend trip for two and enjoy two days filled with passion and intimacy. Keeping your schedule different is possible, and all it takes to make it work is communicating with your partner and figuring it all out together.

Source: https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/fixing-families/201811/spontaneous-vs-scheduled-sex

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