3 Habits that are Spoiling Your Sex Life!

When talking about sex, it is good to analyze both the good and bad sides to it.

Now, rarely anyone complains about the good things in sex, right? But, when speaking of the negative sex habits you nurture; well, they can be spoiling your sex life. Sometimes, it just so happens that we begin to narrow down our conception of sex; and soon enough, it spoils the fun.

However, maintaining a satisfactory sex life is crucial to your overall wellbeing, so here are 3 unhealthy sex habits to ditch.  

Spoiling Your Sex Life: Unrealistic Expectations!

Even high expectations are not favorable for your sex life. In all honesty, no one is obliged or responsible to give you an orgasm or make you aroused. Therefore, it is not fair to expect the woman to know all angles of your pleasure.

Rather than assuming your partner should know how to please you, try to communicate what is it you want her to do. Instructions work well with women; and the fact that you are willing to communicate will only turn things for the better.

You Lose Passion Overall!

Having a passion for sex matters just as much as having a passion for everything else. Oftentimes, losing interest in sex can be a result of losing interest in improving your lifestyle.

In terms of sex and quality of life, that is a big no-no. What you should be doing instead is finding ways to get that passion for life, and therefore sex, back. Some of the ways to do that include getting creative in bed; trying a new position or technique, being more spontaneous, and taking your time with it.

Spoiling Your Sex Life: Setting the Bar too High On Yourself!

As a man, you likely have an idea of who you are as a lover and who you’d want to be. And while having the desire to improve your sex skills is great, selling yourself short isn’t. By pushing yourself to believe that; as a man, you should be able to have sex anywhere and anytime it happens is just ridiculous. Even if the chance for sex presents itself, you don’t have to go for it just because. If you are not feeling like having sex, don’t have it. And then, don’t blame yourself for not being able to rise to the occasion. You are allowed to put sex on a pause.

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