Signs That Your Sexually Attracted to Someone!

Sexual attraction works in mysterious ways. Interestingly, finding a great partner in bed doesn’t have to do with being romantic about it or falling for someone. However, when you are sexually attracted to someone; your body and brain make sure to show you that through several indications. If you are feeling a certain spark flaming up into bursting sexual energy, here are 5 things you will find yourself doing by reflex.

Sexually Attracted: Continuous Flirting!

Intense flirting usually happens whenever we feel sexually drawn to someone. When flirting sensually, you cannot help but notice the other person’s hair, skin, smile, and eye contact. You feel the need to tease them and you want to be both naughty and sweet at the same time.

Physical Sensations!

Whenever you are attracted to someone in a sexual way, you will recognize it through the sensations your body is going through. First, you will notice your heart ticking faster than before. You might also sweat excessively, which is a direct result of the adrenaline pumping in your body. Other physical experiences we have when we are sexually aroused include the dilated pupils, warm feeling in your stomach, and fantasizing about having that person in your bed.  

Sexually Attracted: Drive!

It’s an obvious one, but an important one to mention. When someone sexually appeals to you, your sex drive increases. If aroused, you will likely feel your limbs tingling, and your crotch heating. Other than the obvious, sexual drive can also be recognized whenever dreaming of that special someone or finding yourself wanting to be physically closer to them. 

You Don’t Have to Force It!

One of the best things about sexual excitement is that you never have to force it. On one hand, this can be the work of your subconscious mind, and on the other; it can show a direct and obvious sexual interest. Sexual chemistry might not be easy to find, but once there; you won’t be able to mistake it for another sensation again.

Sexually Attracted: In-Sync Bodies!

A clear indicator of sexual attraction can also be the way your bodies touch together and respond to each other. Whenever there is a spark, you can expect your body to automatically connect to the other person’s; thus making the experience smoother and more familiar. Think of it as a dance of the bodies, where touching feels normal and known and the passion explodes through your every pore.


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