Sex Slang of the New Age: Are You Keeping Up?

If it’s dirty talking or Sex Slang you thought we were going to cover, you’re wrong.

And naughty!

There has always been a certain terminology surrounding sex, but in the years past, it seems as though sex talk has been quite revolutionized. With people slowly yet surely exploring their own sexual boundaries, the sex lingo became immensely enriched with new terms.

Aside from taking away the awkwardness of the conversation, the latest sex slangs are good to know…well, just in case, right?

Cutting right to the chase, below we list some of the trendiest sex slang today.

ex Slang:Power-balling!

A double-meaning word, within the sex community, power-balling refers to a man gyrating his testicles while having sex. This little activity ensures an explosion of sensual sensations, making sex that much better!

Truffle Butter!

Thanks to Nicki Minaj, we are now graced with the terms Truffle Butter, which means switching from anal to vaginal penetration. Not going into too much details here, the butter reference seems pretty self-explanatory.


A more common but still widely used sex slang is ‘side-chick’ meaning your ongoing affair with the ‘other woman’. Interestingly enough, nowadays side-chicks are quite a popular scenario to explore.

Hotline Bling!

Before you think about calling the hotline and engaging in phone sex, hotline bling is simply another term for ‘booty call’.

Sex Slang: Slam-piece!

Slam-piece is an intriguing one and refers to a very attractive woman, who is also your friend with benefits. Unlike the typical ‘f**k buddy’ scenario, a slam-piece mostly puts emphasis on the girl’s looks. Dang.

Booty Grazing!

Booty grazing means texting several women at once, in order to secure your ‘banging’ for the night. The content of your text is typically inviting and down to the point, without even having to mention the word ‘sex whatsoever.


As rude as it sounds, moped is a word for having sex with a less attractive person. Yikes.


Leave it to the lovers of quickie and lunch come up with an adequate term for it. And now we have funch.

Dishonorable Discharge!

Dishonorable discharge is the unfortunate scenario when you didn’t pick-up a lady and now you have to go home and do yourself a favor. In most cases, it revolves around watching some porn alone, giving the term a bit of mockery, too.

Sex Slang: Doppel-banger!

This well-coined slang defines having sex with a person, just because they look like a celebrity you love.

Double Rainbow

Aside from its other names, a double rainbow indicates a double penetration.


Docking is a raunchier slang which means putting one man’s penis inside another man’s penis foreskin. It is usually done by a woman, and it serves for your own personal pleasure.

Sex Slang: Run Train!

For the more curious men out there, run train is another word for a gangbang. In some cases, run train can be an orgy.


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