6 Sex Positions for Taller Women and Shorter Men!

Sex takes many shapes, forms, and positions, and allows you to make the best of it under any circumstance. Sex Positions for Taller Women in terms of height, many couples struggle to find the ideal sex position, especially if the man is shorter than the woman.

However, in the game of good sex, height is not an obstacle at all. That said, there are many sex positions that can be great to try if you are shorter than your partner.

Read on as we list 6 of them below.

Sex Positions For Taller Women: Closer!

One can do no wrong with the good ole’ doggy style. Perfect for shorter men, this position gives you proper height and penetration, taking the awkwardness out of the scenery. Not just that, variations of doggy style will allow you greater access to the clitoris and breasts, which means all the more pleasure for both of you.

In My Arms!

To beat height issues during sex try the ‘In my arms’ position. It is as simple as it sounds- the man stands up, takes the woman in his arms and engages in penetration. If your physical strength is sketchy, use a chair so the woman can support her legs against it.  

Sex Positions For Taller Women: On Top of It All!

To get into this position, have the woman get into doggy style, this time supporting her frame on her forearms. Butt in the air, have the woman cross her legs at the ankles while you position yourself from behind, in an almost squatting position. For a greater penetration, have the woman stretch her torso all the way down.

The Cross

This is a great position to try not just due to height differences but also if you care to get more creative. Have the woman lie on her back, with her legs parted. In the meantime, position yourself over her, forming a ‘cross’ or a ‘plus’. As complicated as it might seem, the position is quite easy to pull off, and definitely rewarding as well.

Sex Positions For Taller Women: Driver’s Seat!

Here is another creative and engaging position to try if you are shorter than your lady. To get into it, sit at the edge of the bed. The woman is positioned with her crotch on your lap, doggy-style. Her torso should hang from the bed, with her hands touching the floor for support. And, begin.


If you don’t mind a little intertwining, have a seat on the bed, legs pulled at the knees. The woman takes the same position, thus facing you and crossing one of her legs over yours. For additional comfort and engagement, lean backward, supporting on your elbows and swing your way to Orgasm Town.

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