Doctor’s Orders: 5 Tips for a Richer Sex Life!

Every now and again, your sex life can become an unintentional routine. Whether you are with the same partner for a long time, or you are just fed up with it in general, a dull sex life doesn’t do you any favors.

If you are interested in bringing back the erotic spark into your everyday life, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Below, we listed the 5 key sex tips, which experts say will result in a much-improved sex life.

1. Sex Life: Avoid Stress!

As much as you hate admitting it, stress does have a strongly negative effect on everything we do. The same is true of your sex life, so if you are caught in everyday stress, begin eliminating it one step at a time. Exercise, meditation, eating right and communicating your issues are great techniques to avoid stress, thus putting an end to your sexual drought.

2. Talk about It

Lack of the desire to have sex might be tough to do, but it is necessary if you cannot fix the issue on your own. With sex, it is usually the things we fear saying the most that are messing with our heads. These are also the things you need to get out in the open, especially if you want to revive your sex life once again.

3. Sex Life: Aphrodisiacs!

If your disinterest in sex is of a physical nature, aphrodisiacs can help you find your way back to the good old days. Many foods are considered stimulators of sexual arousal, so you might want to include these in your everyday life.

Apart from the obvious chocolate trick, you should also give oysters, red pepper, honey, nuts, avocado, ginseng, and strawberries a try. In addition, for women, some of the best supplements to help fix her low libido include vitamin B, vitamin E, and vitamin C, and zinc.

4. Anything, but…

For this next tip, you’ll have to refrain from trying to have sex. Instead of doing the act itself, try introducing new stimulants into play. From dirty talks to phone and on-camera sex, these provocative options will get you more excited about sex. Other ways to increase your excitement about sex are to socialize more, flirt more and tease more.

5. Sex Life: Risk!

According to many studies, one of the things which gets us excited about sex the most is taking risks. While are not referring to making a mess out of your life, adrenaline plays a significant role in making sex better. To give this a shot, try with having sex outdoors, or create a roleplay scenario that you and your partner will both love.


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