5 Secret Sex Fantasies Men Would Never Admit Having!

It is not a big secret that both men and women have a handful of sex fantasies. And while all of them are basically realistic scenarios, men find it difficult to share them with…well, anyone. The reason behind this is because some secret sex fantasies, as stimulating as they are, they often jump off from the ‘typical’.

From secret affairs, to open sex relationships and more, here are the 5 most hidden sex fantasies men would never confess to having.

Secret Sex Fantasies: The Older, the Better!

One of the biggest male sex fantasy is to have sex with a much older woman. Whether it is a MILF, a cougar or a GILF, older women scream experience and sexual freedom, which is why the fantasy is appealing in the first place.

And although you can hear a man talking about having sex with an older woman, they more often have the fear of being judged on it.

Same-Gender Sex

There is something so forbidden and yet inviting about same-gender sex that has men fantasizing about it. Although a man would never admit such a scenario, the fantasy is mostly evolving around curiosity, regardless of the specifics.

In some cases, men fantasize about watching their friends have sex with someone else, which can be just as arousing.

Secret Sex Fantasies: Stripping It Down.

If your man has ever seen Magic Mike, he has likely fantasized about being in his shoes. Every man wants to see himself at his best, and a jacked stripper wowing the ladies sounds just like the dream.

Now, the reason why a man would never confess to having this fantasy is because he doesn’t want you to think he’s cheesy or delusional.

Glory Hole

Well, now we’re talking. If you are familiar with glory holes, you’ll know exactly why men love them. The not-knowing, the intensity, the person pleasuring you on the other side of the door, and you never knowing who it was…it’s a proper fantasy to have, really.

Secret Sex Fantasies: Open Relationship!

Forget threesomes for a second and let’s talk about an open relationship. This fantasy is everything a man could ask for- you get the wife, the girlfriend(s), the security, the excitement…the whole nine yards. However, an open relationship is still a taboo topic among many women, which is likely why men keep the fantasy to themselves. But, dang, if it’s not a hot one.

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