5 of the Raunchiest Role-Play Fantasies to Try Tonight!

Men and women both have their fair share of sex fantasies. Still, when it comes to our dirtiest, most secret sex fantasies, we tend to keep them all to ourselves. But why? Sex fantasies are a fun way to explore your boundaries of pleasure and have fun becoming someone else for the night.

And since you already have your fantasy created in the back of your mind, the only thing you need is a partner who is just as willing to play. Got that covered, too? Here are 5 of the sexiest role-play fantasies to significantly enrich your sex life!

Role-Play Fantasies: Random Fling!

We all have the fantasy of meeting someone at the bar and ending the night together in bed. You don’t need to know this person’s name, nor do you want anything else from them other than steamy, wild sex. A sexy fantasy to explore, dress up with your partner for a night out, and meet all over again in a bar somewhere. Once you get ‘acquainted’, it is your moment to shine and show off your best pickup lines and teases.

A Threesome!

All curious couples who want to explore a new kind of fun during sex can give the threesome concept a try. Of course, if you are not comfortable with the idea of an actual threesome, you can find plenty of online communities, where you can watch couples have sex and feel like a part of it. If you, on the other hand, welcome the idea of a threesome, then what is there to say but have fun?

Reverse Domination!

If you are the dominator in most of your sex scenarios, think about switching things up. Namely, the man takes the role of the dominated, whereas the woman gets full control of his pleasure. Not an enough-explored fantasy among men and women, reverse domination can be quite enjoyable and new, so overcome your reservations and just go with the flow.

Role-Play Fantasies: Almost Caught!

Let’s talk about risky sex, shall we? Full of adrenaline, exciting and unanticipated, the almost busted scenario works well with sexual desire and arousal. For this scenario, you don’t actually have to play roles, but you can, say, have sex just before the guests come over for dinner. It doesn’t just sound arousing, it is!


Both men and women enjoy the idea of being watched on camera while, either doing what the other person tells them or simply masturbating. Even if you are in a long-term relationship or live together, go to separate rooms, turn your camera on, take off your clothes, and get limber!

Source: https://ilovemylsi.com/5-sexual-fantasies-hes-too-afraid-to-share/

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