5 Reasons Why She Dislikes Your Foreplay Skills!

Despite the intimacy and excitement, foreplay remains to be one of the most important elements for pleasurable sex. Foreplay can include any number of things, such as manual stimulation, oral sex, playing with toys and else. In sex, however, men always seem to be in a rush when foreplay is concerned. As a result, women are oftentimes left without an orgasm, even with foreplay included in the matter.

To answer this, here are 5 Why She Dislikes Your Foreplay Skills.

Why She Dislikes Your Foreplay Skills: Length!

Although lengthier foreplay sounds like a great idea, women generally don’t want you to either underdo it or overdo it. It’s true that women take more time to orgasm or get excited, which can cause frustration in men. However, if your partner requires some extra TLC, it is wise for you to learn the blessings that come with longer foreplay. In some cases, great foreplay doesn’t necessarily have to go on for hours, so feel free to ask your partner when enough is enough.

Foreplay as a Practice!

Foreplay is mainly done in the bedroom, but the thing is, it has to become a daily practice of stimulation. In other words, you don’t have to be ready for sex to engage in foreplay. Foreplay can be done in every segment of your relationship, which is most easily achieved through kissing and touching. As the body has more than one erogenous zone to uncover, you can use discreet foreplay daily to try and stimulate these.

Why She Dislikes Your Foreplay Skills: Communication!

You can’t expect great foreplay to just happen out of the blue. Instead of guessing what your partner wants or desires, it is best to use your communication skills to find that out. There is nothing to be ashamed of in asking, especially if you know that no woman wants the same things in bed, foreplay included. If you care about making your partner feel pleased during foreplay, you will have to learn how to ask the important questions, like ‘Am I doing it right?’, ‘Do you want me to continue doing this?’, or ‘Do you want to try something else?’


Sometimes, women will refrain from vocalizing every detail about what makes foreplay hot. Therefore, you will have to pay more attention to how she responds to the stimulation you provide. Doing the same things all over again won’t do you much service, but learning to recognize which moves make your partner feel good, will.

Why She Dislikes Your Foreplay Skills: Repurposing!

In sex, there is one obvious way to use the penis, and that is for penetration. However, the penis can be a great foreplay tool even with penetration excluded. And just like the penis, creativity is also recommended when using your fingers. Forget the usual in-and-out movement, and pick up a few tricks on how to use your key assets to create arousal during foreplay and after it.

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