6 Reasons Why You are Not In the Mood for Sex!

Sex is interesting and fun and exhilarating and passionate, but sometimes Not In the Mood for Sex. The idea of men wanting sex at all times is just absurd and so untrue. Yes, men enjoy sexual pleasure, but that doesn’t mean that the mood for sex is always there.

What’s more, many men oftentimes find it hard to explain why they have lost interest in having sex. To women, this can be rather offensive at times, but the truth is, there are many logical reasons why men don’t like having sex at a particular moment. Today, let’s discuss 6 of them.

Bloating and Gas!

It sounds ridiculous, but if a man ate something bad or is simply full, there is a risk of unwanted gases being passed in bed. In all honesty, this is not the easiest thing to confess, but it is a real concern that takes the fun out of sex.

Not In the Mood for Sex: Drinking!

If you’ve ever had one-too-many drinks before sex, you know this one. Men are usually worried that if they drank too much, it would reflect on their performance, or the lack thereof. Women often don’t have this concern, so they fail to understand that a man is simply feeling too drunk to rock the boat.

Lack of Sleep!

When you’ve had a long and tiresome day, the chances of wanting sex at the end of it can be quite slim. It goes the same with women as well, lack of sleep takes away the enjoyment of having great sex. And no, that doesn’t mean that men don’t want to have sex, but rather that they’d save it for a brighter day.

Not In the Mood for Sex: Worrying!

As much as women think men don’t worry, they do. As a matter of fact, men worry so much that they actually kill off their desire to have sex. The same goes for being upset, which can be another reason why you’re not feeling hot and heavy.

Bad Smell!

Unpleasant odors happen, whether it is from the gym or from cycling for hours. If you didn’t have enough time to shower, it is natural to turn down sex or not want to do it at all, at least until you’re clean again. The main worry is that women will sense the unpleasant body odors and will never want to have sex with you again.


Men believe that it is mostly their job to navigate sex and direct the tempo. But sometimes, doing it all might seem like a stretch and that is completely normal. Being too lazy to take your clothes off or put in the work is understandable, but hey, we hope you have a partner who doesn’t mind coming on top.


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