8 Biggest Myths about Escorts (vol.1)

Dating an escort is nothing new, and yet, there seems to be this stigma about it. Oftentimes, escorts are perceived as ‘after-midnight’ company but that is not exactly the case. There are plenty of myths that revolve around dating an escort or having a girlfriend experience, which makes escorts misunderstood in terms of their crafts. Yes, there is much more to dating an escort than just the one-night-stand thrill of it so let’s get educated on what it means to be a working escort is today’s world.  

To do that, we are going to clarify Myths about Escorts and what it means to date one or be one. 

Only Hopeless Men Date an Escort!

This is the biggest untruth ever told. Escorts typically date all men interested in company, not just those who lack date options. Interestingly, escorts claim that most of their clients are married and well-adjusted, and sometimes they only ask for company rather than a tryst. Other times, escort date clients who simply live busy lives and don’t have time for committed relationships, which is a great way to stay single and never miss out on hat good relationship sex.

Myths about Escorts: are Victims of Violence!

This is one of the oldest myths that exist. When booking an escort through an agency; you provide relevant information that allows the date to go smoothly. This means escorts are normally not victims of abusive or violent clients at all. In any case, to ensure yourselves a safe and splendid experience, always book an escort through an agency. 

Take Drugs or Drink Excessively!

What a ridiculous myth! Escorts generally need to look their best and feel their best if a client is to book them for a date. That is why not only escorts don’t do drugs and drink, they exercise regularly and take care of themselves. The idea of booking an escort is booking a professional date; and it has nothing to do with being addicted or having no other choice but this lifestyle.

Myths about Escorts: Don’t Have other Career Prospects

Not true. Sometimes, escorts will use professional dating as a stepping stone towards funding their goals or careers. Other times, escorts feel comfortable doing exactly what they are doing; while also feeling quite fulfilled. All escorts lead normal lives behind the dating curtain; they have ambitions, friends, goals, and desires, so let go of your prejudices when dating one. 

Source: https://www.yourtango.com/2017309190/what-its-like-be-prostitute-10-biggest-myths-about-being-escort

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