5 Tips for Keeping a Strong Erection!

Though not many men are affected by it, losing an erection before and during sex is a common occurrence. Typically, erections can ‘misbehave’ due to various reasons- emotional stress, lack of arousal, disinterest and else.

However, if the issue is recurring, losing erections and stiffness can be quite frustrating. And as girth depends on various factors, there are a few effective tips that can help you not only get hard but keep strong erection!

A Cock Ring!

Experimenting with male sex toys can be very fun and very helpful. When it comes to getting a strong erection, cock rings are a great option to experiment with. Before buying a cock ring, keep in mind there are 4 different kinds: adjustable rings, stretchy rings, vibrating rings, and solid rings. For beginners, a vibrating ring will give you continuance and hardness and from there, you can ease into trying the remaining options, too.

Keeping a Strong Erection: Nutrition!

On many occasions, erection issues can happen due to poor nutrition habits. If you want to help the problem, try changing up your menu. And while aphrodisiacs are a good alternative, try incorporating a Mediterranean menu as well. Mediterranean food includes all the good stuff your blood system needs- fruits, whole grains, healthy fats, nuts, olive oil and yes, red wine. Feeling full? Get to action.

Physical Activity!

Physical activity is not just a way to stay fit but also a way to keep your sex health on point. When it comes to exercises that help you fix your erection issues, cardio always works great. And before you roll your eyes and forget all about it, know that cardio is quite versatile and includes anything from jogging and dancing, to swimming rope jumping or even playing a game of basketball.

Keep Your Coffee Close…!

…And your erections closer. Coffee plays a great role in helping you maintain a steady erection for the duration of your sex session. As a stimulant, coffee increases the heartbeat, encourages the blood flow and gives you just the endurance level you need. Of course, drink your coffee in moderation, keeping the cup count to up to three a day.

Keeping a Strong Erection: Elaborate Thrusts!

One of the biggest mistakes men make an effort to keep their erection strong is to speed their way through sex. However, it is the slow, elaborate and paced thrusts that will keep you hard and ready for more. By penetrating slowly, you boost the flow of blood and strengthen the penile blood vessels, ultimately fixing all your erection mishaps.

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/sex-women/a19541162/stronger-erections/

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