5 Slangs to Know When Hiring a Professional Escort!

What was once a very peculiar and unfathomable idea is nowadays a very popular way of sexing things up. Dating an escort has a plethora of benefits, especially for men who are not still ready for a real commitment, but enjoy sex nonetheless.

Booking the company of a professional escort comes with plenty of scenarios, available to you on demand. And with it also comes a rich vocabulary of the things you can ask for, whenever booking a professional company.

To keep you in the know, here are 5 slang terms you will find useful when Hiring a Professional Escort.

The Girlfriend Experience

The girlfriend experience is not your regular escort date. In fact, when asking for the girlfriend experience, you will get all the perks of a relationship, without actually having to be in a relationship. Think cuddles, sex, dating, and sleepovers, minus the emotional attachment and labeling. Aside from other escort dating options, the GF experience is a lengthier form of dating, but no worries, you can call it quits whenever you want and without worrying about hurting someone’s feelings. 

The Porn Star Experience

A tad different than the girlfriend experience, the porn star experience is all about sex, especially that raw lovemaking you see in adult movies. Be advised, the porn star experience can get a little edgy and loud, but if you are into exploring the deepest layers of sex, it’s a quite enjoyable adventure.

Hiring a Professional Escort: DFK!

Deep French kissing, or DFK, is an experience in a league of its own. Although you might have thought that French kisses make part of all escort experiences, they don’t. In fact, if you want to enjoy this sultry practice, you will have to specifically ask for it (and pay a few extra bucks for it, too!), as it doesn’t come as part of any package, including the girlfriend experience.


Short for ‘oral without’, OWO refers to having oral sex without a condom on. If you don’t like your oral pleasure with a mix of latex, make sure you include OWO as part of your sexy booking.

Hiring a Professional Escort: RO!

Different than OWO, RO stands for reverse oral. Self-explanatory, reverse oral happens when you want to go down on your escort. If you have any concerns regarding hygiene and safety, we highly recommend you book an escort through an agency, instead of an individual one. That way, you can be sure your date is clean, safe, and ready for your oral skills.

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