High-Class Escorts and Attire: What to Expect?

Dress code plays a significant role in escort dating, especially when the date is to take place out and about. Be it a formal dinner, a business gathering; a celebration, or even a simple outing, clients expect their escorts to arrive dressed tip-top for the occasion.

Whilst not many clients are concerned about escorts and clothes, dressing accordingly is essential to nailing the purpose of the date. Here are a few fashion-oriented things you can expect from your upcoming escort date.

The Conservative Look

Some clients find the conservative and classy way of dressing quite appealing and almost forbidden. Whilst there is a fetish in there to explore, there is also an important reason why escorts tend to dress more formally. This is because an escort will not want to be recognized as an escort; so she won’t have any trouble when arriving at your hotel room or when walking the streets. Most times; the best bits and pieces of an escort’s outfit are for the client’s eyes only, so don’t be surprised if your escort arrives in a turtleneck- it’s all part of the greater picture.

Costumes are Debatable

Whether it is Halloween or a simple role-play scenario; clients might ask their escorts to come dressed up and ready to party. However, an escort will always keep her dress-up plans low-key and will never arrive dressed as a bunny at the client’s door. Some escorts are not obligated to have costumes at their disposal; so if a client wants to get into someone else’s shoes for the evening, he will sometimes have to make all arrangements. After all, you cannot expect an escort to casually have a firefighter costume in her closet, right?

The Business Look

A suit and tie and a high-class escort? Yes, please! Whenever taking an escort to a more formal event; like a business dinner or a corporate gathering, you can expect her to show up dressed to the nines. A white shirt and black pants might sound too casual for some, but add red lipstick, a tight bun, and librarian glasses to the mix, and suddenly, your escort will turn into a classy showstopper!

The Gala Look

Many clients expect their escorts to have a few black-tie outfits in their repertoire, and they do. Escorts are fans of dressing up for events like weddings; birthdays, and even the Opera, and they’ll kick up their dressing game without going over the top.