Steamy Games for the Best Halloween Sex!

Nothing beats the excitement of a good Halloween sex game! Whether with a date or your partner, playing dirty and kinky games can make your sex life more exhilarating and enjoyable. So, why not make this Halloween season an extravagant one and go all the way with the kinkiest games from adults?

If you’re short on ideas and would like to explore the world of playing fair while being pleasured, here are 4 undeniably hot sex games to give a try!

30 Seconds Halloween Sex

Every once in a while, a quickie becomes more satisfying than the whole-nine-yards type of sex. The 30 Seconds Only game is a great way to get what you want in…well, 30 seconds. This means that you’ll have only half a minute to get your partner horny, wet and ready for penetration. To initiate it, you can use the art of sexting or simply call out the name of the game and start playing! Make the game even more entertaining and prevent your partner from touching you, talking or moving during those 30 seconds.

Hot and Cold

When you think of Halloween, food surely comes to mind. Not just for plain consumption, you can make hot and cold foods part of your new sex game, as well! For instance, some of the foods you can use to create that hot and cold contrast include warm honey vs. ice cream, champagne vs. hot chocolate, ice cubes vs. pumpkin late and more!

To get all of your senses going, use a blindfold to help boost the intensity of the sensation. Of course, make sure the hot foods on your list are warm instead of hot, so you avoid skin sensitivity. Congratulations, you’re all sexed up and well-fed!

The Oily Sex

From lubricants to essential oils, any lover of sex knows how good these can be for your pleasure and arousal. This game focuses on getting yourself and your partner oily and rubbing each other as a way of foreplay. The very game is primal and animalistic and lets you stimulate parts of your body you normally would ignore.

Plus, you also get the chance of ‘accidental’ penetration during the teasing, and that can lead to some mind-blowing sex by the time you’re done with the sliding. Mmm-hmmm.

The Halloween Sex Game

The Halloween Sex game is exciting if you want to orgasm without actually pulling all the stops. The way it works is that you can do everything you want with your partner, minus the actual sex.

The game is quite popular among risk-takers as it goes deeper into foreplay and instigates other types of orgasm, including dry-humping orgasms and nipple stimulation orgasms.

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