5 Clever Tips to Flirt Your Way to Great Sex!

The idea of having wild, raunchy and enjoyable sex is beloved by many, but there’s something to be also said of flirting. Working your way up from a compliment to the bedroom is an intriguing tactic to try, especially if you are into the whole ‘chase’ thing.

But, let’s face it, not all men are born flirts, and not all women respond to flirting the same way. So, is there a common ground between great flirting and it leading to passionate sex?

Here are 5 incredible tips to make you flirter of your dreams!


As you might already know, confidence rings a certain sexy bell for women. Working on your confidence is all about how you carry yourself, how you speak, walk, move, etc. If you are struggling with it, start small. A fixed posture, a great outfit and a dose of mystery can become your best friends when flirting, guaranteeing that your confidence won’t go unnoticed.

Eye Contact

A popular one among the ladies, mastering the ideal eye contact intensity can be a thrilling hack to pull off. It goes without saying that every woman likes to be looked right in the eyes and swept off her feet. To do that, keep your eye contact steady, yet soft, and don’t forget to always boost it with a smile.

Deliberate eye contact indicates you are open to socializing, and you won’t hesitate to go after what you want, which is exactly what you intended, right?


Outside the non-verbal signs of flirting are also words, and words work the best with a side of humor. All women enjoy a man who lightens up the mood and makes everyone feel relaxed. Instead of cracking jokes at all times, keep your fun side teasing and playful.

Your fun side should come off as natural instead of forced, so as always, make sure you don’t overdo it.

Body Language

When a woman shows interest in a man, she will likely show it through unspoken gestures. When she does, it is up to you to have your body language respond accordingly. Successful flirting through your body can be all about unintentional touching, creating greater physical proximity, keeping your arms uncrossed and even licking your lips.


Much like the eyes serve their purpose when flirting, so does the sense of smell. Women enjoy a man who always smells fresh, clean and masculine, and find these seemingly simple things quite sexy. Smell and physical attraction can boost the production of pheromones in the body.

Pheromones, on the other hand, represent the chemicals responsible for making you sexually attracted to another person.

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