Escort Dinner Date Etiquette for Clients: What to Wear?

Aren’t escort dinner dates just the best? You take the night off, find yourself in beautiful VIP company and dress up for the evening to have the best time ever?  

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But, now the real question comes?

What do you wear to a dinner date with an escort?

No worries, we got it all figured out for you- read on to find more about proper escort dinner date etiquette.

Casual is Out

I mean, casual clothes are not even pub-appropriate, so ditch them altogether. Leave your T-shirts, old jeans, loose pants and wrong-fit sweats at home and go for something classier. While you don’t have to go James Bond all of a sudden, you can be sure your escort will arrive dolled up, so you naturally want to match her.


Unless they have always been part of your style, keep your accessories minimal. A nice watch speaks more than a nice hat, plus a belt, plus a necklace, plus a golden wrong. It’s just…too much. Less is always more, so when it comes to decorative pieces, stick to the essentials- a great keychain, a soft scarf, leather gloves- that should be all.

Type of Dinner

Of course, if you and your escort decide to have a more casual dinner date and avoid the restaurant experience, you are welcome to avoid the black-tie memo. Instead, go for right-fit pants and a shirt - long sleeves, always. If it is hot, an elegant polo shirt might work as well.

Now, if your dinner is taking a more serious note, and you are heading for a top-of-the-building restaurant table, you want to go all out. As your escort will be wearing heels, pay attention to your shoe game. Again, you can combine simple pieces like black pants or black jeans, and wear a nice pullover or a simple white shirt. Want to put a tie on? Why the heck not, you’re on a fancy date, aren’t you?


Together with clothing you’ll also want to wear a nice perfume for your dinner date and use a mint before and after meals. Also, keep your fingernails clean and tidy and trim your fluffy beard. You’re good to go!