Escort Dating 101: How to be a Great Dominant Lover?

Out of all services the professional world of dating offers, BDSM play might be the kinkiest. Perfect for fulfilling your fetishes and getting a new take on sex, BDSM play and escorts match like bread and butter. When done right, taking charge in the bedroom can be quite fulfilling for clients who enjoy experimenting in bed.

Given than some escorts offer submissive services, being a Dominant for your hot date can be very rewarding and educational. For all clients looking to take a dominant’s role in their passion-filled escort date, here are a few essentials to guide you. 

Understanding the Sub-Dom Relationship

There is a popular but wrongful opinion that the Dominant in bed is the only one entitled to pleasure.

As a Dominant, one of the key things to learn is to treat your submissive escort with utter respect and care. That said, a great Dominant is confident in himself but at the same time, he is also sensitive and mindful of his submissive partner and knows how to communicate.

1. Be Bold

One of the initial things to learn about being a Dominant is to be a strong leader and clearly define your rules and desires. As you are the one in control, you need to rise to the occasion and stand your ground- otherwise, your submissive might lose interest in the game.

2. Consider Your Motives

If you want to succeed as a Dominant lover, you will have to dive deeper into the reasons you want to try BDSM at all. For instance, if you are all about power and control and getting what you want, you are approaching the concept wrongfully. What BDSM and taking control should be about is pushing the limits of pleasure and know your and your escort’s limitations. 

3. Select the Best Sub Escort

Not all escorts enjoy being submissive around their clients, and even those who do have a different approach to the date. Therefore, when choosing the best submissive escort babe for you, consider all options and see who fits your scenario the best. In addition, regardless of your BDSM arrangement, take time to get to know your escort first and connect on a deeper level before you hit the bedroom.

4. After-Care Matters!

Just as your submissive escort provides you with kinky pleasure, you should do the same for her once all is said and done. A Dominant’s responsibility is to pamper their sub after the playing is over, and the same goes for tending to their wellbeing and health.


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