7 Ways to Boost Your Confidence in Bed!

Building sexual confidence in bed is equally challenging to men and women. Although plenty of people find nothing hard about being sexually expressive, most struggle with letting the wild beast out. Whether it is body image issues, the occasional awkwardness of sex, or feeling uncomfortable with someone new, weak self-confidence in the bedroom is not something to dread.

Instead of fearing it, learning how to love yourself during sex matters more. To help you out with that, here are 7 powerful tips for a more sexually awoken and confident you.

Bring in the Toys!

As per sex experts, sex toys can take away the discomfort during foreplay and will give you a way to focus on the pleasure. Feel free to use a variety of sex toys for you and your lady and show that you love how the rhythm of sex feels.

Confidence in Bed: Begin with Yourself!

Frequent masturbation can build up your self-confidence a lot. When learning about your body, you explore new ways to satisfy yourself, and when it’s time to have sex, you’ll have no issue doing the same things in front of your partner.

The best way to masturbate and love yourself? Always do it in the nude.

A Bubble Bath!

Before you get to the having-sex part, try getting more intimate and loose in front of your partner. Fill in a bubble bath and get inside, enjoying under the candlelight and soft music. There is nothing wrong with feeling playful in the tub, so if your partner is up for it, get into some action.

Confidence in Bed: Strip!

Women love stripping almost as men do…sometimes even more. Therefore, if you want your babe to adore you in bed, give her something to look forward to. Slow stripping or dance stripping are always a great way to go. Plus, stripping makes it easy to expose your body in a manner you’d like your partner to see. Come on, you know how important visuals are.

Confidence in Bed: Standing/Public!

Or both together! There is something truly remarkable about standing-up sex, especially if you have your partner pinned against a door or a wall. Women often fantasize about that raw and passionate sex, and the reason for it is the male’s confidence in that very moment. Step up to the plate, please.


No, we are not talking about watching porn alone. We mean, watch porn together with your partner. Watch something you like and let her soak the images. Then, allow her to play you something she often watches. This way, even before having sex, you find the intimacy and desire you need, and together with that, you find comfort and confidence as well.

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