Escort Dates and Hotel Rooms: What to Know?

Outcalls are among the most booked services in the escort industry. Clients who book outcalls oftentimes meet their escorts either at their home, but more commonly, at a hotel room. Meeting an escort date at a hotel is considered more neutral and therefore safer for both the client and his escort. However, when getting ready to welcome an escort to a hotel room, there are a few things you should consider.

Here is how to handle an outcall escort date at a hotel.

1. Go Bigger

First off, you don't book any hotel room, but a bigger one, and at a nice place. Bigger hotel rooms or apartments are more suitable for you and your escort. One, you don't have to be stuck together in the same room all the time. Two, you'll have a separate bedroom and bathroom and have a shower in peace. Also, bigger rooms always allow experimentation, and ultimately, make more room for meals and having a party for two.

2. The Hotel

When choosing the perfect hotel, aside from room size, you also need to think about the facility itself. The hotel where you book a room for your date has to be well-reviewed and clean. It also has to be adaptable to you receiving guests at the desired time. Plus, hotel rooms with amenities like a spa or a swimming pool give you more options and fun things to do with your date. Choose a hotel that's in the city centre, so it will be easier for you and your escort to arrive and leave. Finally, if booking by the hour, ensure the hotel you choose provides that option.

3. Discretion

When you have an escort in your room, always use the ‘Do Not Disturb' sign. That way, you can enjoy full discretion and privacy. Also, when booking a room, ask the hotel how they manage client privacy and how extra guests are managed and charged.

4. The Room

If you are the one who'll prepare the room for your escort, keep a few things in mind. One the room has to be spotless, and also roomy enough for you and your date. Also, you might want to order room service or drinks and snacks when your escort gets there. If leaving the room separately, don't forget to leave the key at the front desk and to tip your escort on your way out.