FAQ - Rotherham Escorts

Q. How does the booking process work at the Rotherham VIP escort agency? 
First of all, you have to choose a girl for your date. Once you do, call the Rotherham escort agency and continue the booking process. For an official booking, you will be asked to share some information about you. 

Q. Which information is required at the Rotherham VIP agency?
When it comes to outcalls, you will need to provide us with your full name, hotel information, the time and date of your appointment and your contact number. When you make a pre-booking, make sure to let the Rotherham agency know the time and date of your meeting in advanced. Finally, home bookings require your full name, date specifics and your contact number. 

Q. What happens when I or my date want to cancel the meeting?
When an escort cancels, it is usually because of health issues. In such case, you will be offered a replacement and will be informed ahead of time. If you decide to cancel, all you have to do is call our agency and let us know. 

Q. Is escort dating illegal? Am I in a violation of the law? 
Dating an escort is not illegal. At the Rotherham agency, all dates are of age and have the paperwork necessary to prove it. When you pay, you do so to ask for a company, and any other activities can be discussed between you and your date. 

Q. How can I pay for an escort date at the Rotherham escort agency?
We offer a couple of payment options, with the most common being you paying your escort at the hotel. This way, the escort can count her money, so please be polite enough to let her do so. 

Q. What about Rotherham's privacy policy?
When you book a date at our agency, we make sure to keep tour discretion guaranteed at all times. This way you can enjoy your date in private and still have a fabulous time. 

Q. What if I want to book an extra date for the day? 
Having in mind that we offer both single and duo date services, make sure to check out the Rotherham escort page to learn more about our double dates. 

Q. What should I know before my date?
It is a must that you meet your escort at the hotel first. You can make the payment there, and continue your date elsewhere afterwards. It is up to you!