6 Tips for the Ultimate Travel Escort Date!

Spending a business trip or a full-blown holiday with a professional escort can be a very satisfying experience, company-wise and well, otherwise. As part of their service range, many escorts look forward to travelling with their clients and spoil them rotten. However, when travelling with an escort, there are several things you should always consider before formally booking the experience.

Below, we list 6 ravishing tips to ensure you spend the most memorable and adventurous travel escort date!

1. Destination

Before you book your travel date, make sure you inform both your escort and the agency of your destination. Namely, travel dating inside the country is more common, but if you want to travel internationally, you will have to ensure your date is prepared for the trip and able to travel outside the country. 

2. Find Activities to Do

As with every other trip you take, make room for fun activities for you and your escort to do. Visiting museums, attending shows and concerts or dining in style - the choice is yours and the fun is more than guaranteed!

3. Transportation

One of the key things to discuss with your escort agency before booking a date is the mean of transport there. Typically, clients pay for the escort’s transport, whether with an aeroplane or a car (depending on your destination). However, some escorts prefer travelling on their own, so be clear about the specifics of your arrangement ahead of time.

4. Alone vs. Together

If you are travelling for a business trip, your escort will have to keep busy before you meet her for your evening dates. When it comes to time spent during your travel date, you and your escort should come up with a schedule of where and when to meet and for how long.

5. The Weather

Before travelling with your escort date, check the weather of your destination and use it to determine how you’ll spend your time together. If you travel during the rainy season, you can meet your escort at restaurants or your hotel room. If the sun is out and about, you can make the most of the shine and explore the town.

6. Hotel

When travelling with an escort, the one thing to take care of is hotel expenses. Most clients are advised to make a booking at a 4 or 5-star hotel, thus increasing their privacy and discretion. That said, not all clients stay in the same room or even hotel with their escort, so keep in mind you might have to book two separate rooms if that is the case.  

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