6 Hot Tricks to Do on Your Intimate Escort Date!

An intimate date with a professional escort is one of the most preferred scenarios and services clients enjoy. With that being said, intimate escort dates can be both virtual (over the phone or on-camera) and face-to-face.

No matter the case, there are numerous ways to spice up your upcoming escort date; and we have just the right tips to ensure you great fun, outstanding pleasure and overall satisfaction. 

1. Who’s in Charge?

When it comes to taking control in bed, it is a really good idea to switch the dynamics between both of you. Using your time together as a way to surrender and obtain control of your intimate encounter will make it easier to find yourselves on both sides of pleasure and not miss out on the fun.  A helpful trick to make it easier for you to lead and be led in bed is to do it through role-playing.

2. A Pleasure Map

When words don’t suffice, turn to actual signs and pleasure indicators. Namely, take an erasable marker and mark all areas on your body you want sexually stimulated. Let your date do the same, and then, start your physical scavenger hunt. Even if you are on the phone, you can still sext or send snaps of an erogenous zone you’d like to explore. The less obvious you make it, the more experimenting you can look forward to.

3. Become a Teenager

If you need to go back to the good old days when pleasure came easier and total freedom was still a possibility, by all means, so it! Go back to your teenager years and invite your escort to join you for a hormone-packed and thrilling ride together. In that being said, do all things that got you excited in your teens; and start your journey as you would back then- by covering one base at a time.   

4. A New Place

Even if you love meeting your escort at home or a hotel room, always make the most of your space. Changing scenarios and locations for your sexy mischiefs is a superb way to prevent your sex life from falling into routine and patterns.

5. Go Public

Although getting touchy in public can be risky, it is because of that that we love it so much! Of course, there’s a difference between ‘downtown’ public and ‘on-a-hill-in-a-car’ public; so consider the latter for maximum privacy and zero exposure. If you do want to get freaky with your public locations, keep actual sex off the table and just, well, fool around for a bit.

6. A Change of Pace

If you are used to meeting your escort date at particular times of the day, say evenings; it is time you expand your hours. Getting hot and heavy with an escort and at different times of the day can be great for enriching your experience and bringing some versatility into your bookings.

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