5 Ways to Keep Your Escort Date Discreet and Private!

If you want to turn your intimate escort date into a gliding, sliding and oh-so-good adventure, nothing is better to make use of than lubricant. As a known empowerer of sexual stimulation and arousal, using lubricants can drastically improve your quality time spent with an escort.

Given that you have already booked a private outcall with your favourite escort date, here are a few smart tips to know about using lubricant in bed right.

1. Every Escort is Different

What works for one escort babe might not work with another, so the best way to introduce lube in the bedroom is to ask your escort for preferences. If unsure as to what type of lubricant to use, bring out several options for your date and experiment a little. While some lubes assist you with better penetration, others work well for erotic massages and manual stimulation. 

2. Better Than the Alternatives

If not using lubricant in bed, you will have to turn to your old-fashioned tricks, such as using coconut oil or saliva. As both are far from glamorous or similar to what a lubricant can do, we highly suggest you keep a bottle of your preferred lube to use. Thick, durable, and providing just the right amount of arousal and excitement, a decent lubricant will always be a far better option than any other product.

3. Steer Clear of Oil-Based Products

Although oil-based lubes work just fine during sex, when meeting an escort, they might not be the perfect solution. Namely, if you are using a condom, which you should, the only types of lube that will work are petroleum jelly or silicone lubes. This way, you will prevent any latex damage and can still use your oil-based lube for manual stimulation and a massage.

4. Read the Ingredients

Just because there is a plethora of lubes to choose from doesn’t mean that you should go for every single one of them. To the contrary, reading lubricant labelling is highly important to ensure all ingredients used are safe and healthy for both of you. For instance, when choosing a lube, always go for the ones who contain glycerine or Vaseline and steer clear from suspicious ingredients who might be toxic for the skin.

5. Silicone Lubes and Toys

The thing about silicone lubricants is that they work excellent if you use a condom, but not as well when you are using silicone sex toys. If using silicone sex toys, choose a water-based lubricant, whereas if using a condom, stick to your silicone-based options.

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