5 Sex Turn-Offs for Women, According to Women!

It is safe to say that women know a thing or two about what they like in bed. Most time, great sex has to do with building intimacy, being sensual, and knowing how to arouse. But, what about the things the ladies are not big fans of? Of course, you cannot expect everything to go seamless in sex; but then, some things ring the no-no bell more often than others.

Ready to take notes?

According to a study The Daily Star did on 3,000 British women; here are the 5 biggest sex habits that can kill the sexy mood for them.

Sex Turn-Offs for Women: Poor hygiene!

Astonishingly, the study showed that poor hygiene in men is the biggest pet-peeve women have during sex. Holding 35% of the total votes, not showering enough, or wearing cologne can seriously put off a woman. As you want to avoid that, keep yourself healthy and clean- on the inside and out.

Insufficient Foreplay!

Now, here is an interesting one. The aforementioned study noted that almost 24 percent of women would not have sex with a man who doesn’t do foreplay right (or at all). For men, the idea of foreplay is slightly different than for women, as the latter need longer stimulation to have an orgasm. If you don’t want to find yourself among those 24%, start working on your foreplay skills.

Sex Turn-Offs for Women: Bad Breath!

Apparently not as crucial as overall hygiene; but still off-putting enough, having a bad breath doesn’t do your sex life justice. Namely, 23% of the women find bad breath and unmended teeth unattractive, and you can obviously conclude why. If you want your sex life to thrive; hit the dentist as soon as possible, and always have a mint with you. 

Sex Turn-Offs for Women: Uninterested Men!

Not that men are uninterested with sex, they just sometimes don’t seem interested in the woman they are with. As you can imagine, this is a very ugly habit to adopt; so if you get distracted during sex, it’s time you change that. As 10 percent of the surveyed women answered they wouldn’t have sex with someone who does sex superficially; you might want to rethink reaching for your phone or wandering off emotionally during sex.

Untrimmed Pubic Hair!

In all fairness, everyone prefers bare skin over a bushy terrain; and especially if we are talking about your crotch situation. In the mentioned study; 8 percent of women said they would refuse to have sex with a guy who isn’t trimmed down there (or everywhere where needed). Pubic hair (and other hair) is quite unattractive if you crave to receive oral pleasure, so it is not that hard to see why a woman would rethink her decision to get in bed with you (again). 

Source: https://www.thesun.co.uk/fabulous/8681448/women-sex-turn-off-hate-men/

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