5 Secrets of a Strong, Lasting Erection

For men, maintaining a healthy erection and an active sex life means a great deal. In all fairness, erection issues can be quite unpleasant when they happen. However, the good news is that erection difficulties are easily repaired by establishing a few healthy practices.

If you want to have more potent and lasting erections, these are the 5 all-natural tips to try.  

1. Lose Weight

Without trying to sound harsh, losing weight can really improve your overall sex life and contribute to harder and durable erections. As per studies, diabetes and obesity are the number one factors in impotence cases in men. That said, being overweight can cause cardiovascular problems as well, which directly impacts the quality of your boner. To really get your sex performance back on track, losing a few pounds is a great starting point. 

2. Testosterone Levels

Behind every great erection is your testosterone level. Unfortunately, many men suffer low levels of testosterone without even knowing it. To ensure your erection issues have nothing to do with this, make an appointment with your doctor and get your sex hormone checked. As testosterone is responsible for a greater libido and higher arousal, checking your level’s status is more than crucial for all your future sex adventures.

3. Slower Thrusts

To properly build an erection and maintain it, think about the way you penetrate. In other words, science states that slower and more elaborate thrusts can actually drive more blood to your penis, which in turn means a stronger erection and a greater endurance in bed. Plus, when you go slower in sex, you avoid numbing your penis to the point where you can’t feel the penetration at all.

4. Walking

A recent study showed that walking for 2.5 kilometers a day reduces the rate of erection issues by half. While all physical activity is great for your body and your sexual performance, walking is a great cardio workout that helps boost your circulation and therefore, improves your erections.

5. Yawning

Sounds odd? Be that as it may, science has proven that yawning is a great way to maintain your erection during sex. The correlation between erections and yawning lies in a chemical known as nitric oxide that affects both aspects in the same way. The chemical is initially released in the brain and travels to the neurons that both control your breathing and your penile blood vessels. Fascinating, right?

Source: https://www.menshealth.com/

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