5 Misconceptions on Clients Who Date Escorts!

Just like there are tons of myths and uncertainties about escorts; there are misconceptions about clients who date escorts as well. Clients who date escorts might decide to make a booking for one of many reasons. From pure companionship to fulfilling a fantasy and learning new dating skills, dating an escort is both a teachable and enjoyable experience. As a legal service provided to interested clients, there is nothing problematic or strenuous about clients dating escorts.

And yet, the misconceptions exist – so let’s clear the air and elaborate on the most common 5.

Clients are Only in for the Intimacy

This is completely untrue. Many clients who date escorts do so without putting physical intimacy in the picture at all. For many clients, dating an elite escort is a great way to find a suitable companion to hang around with; communicate with or travel with. Yes, intimacy can be part of the experience – depending on the service – but clients are in no way dependent on it when dating an escort.

Clients are Unattractive

This claim is downright ridiculous. Escorts who date clients regularly note that many of them are far from being unattractive. It’s quite the opposite – many gorgeous and great looking men are interested in dating escorts. This can be due to their desire to experiment with every aspect of dating or because they can simply afford the experience.

Clients Love the Pump

Lip fillers, boob jobs, artificial enhancements- these are all things that can boost physical experience. However, these enhancements are not what clients are after when they book an escort. Instead, clients appreciate escorts who are naturally beautiful and shaped; and would love a babe who is a genuine beauty rather than someone who has done procedures to enhance her looks.

Clients Objectify Escorts

Whilst dating an escort is a casual yet professional experience; it does not mean that clients will treat their escorts like objects. To the contrary, clients love pampering and spoiling their escort and love being pampered in return. Whilst intimacy is intimacy; what clients actually look for in an escort is a full experience that also comes with companionship; bonding, sharing and caring for one another.

Clients Always Date New Escorts

This is partially true. On one hand, there are clients who love being committed to one escort only and explore all services with her. On the other hand, some clients want to experiment and test the waters of escort dating from all angles. This is not something to be frowned upon; as clients can freely switch between escorts, have their fun, and go back to a service they loved. It’s called making the most of the experience.