4 Tricks for a Super-Slow, Super-Steamy Sex!

According to statistics, the average sex session lasts about 7.3 minutes. With these numbers in mind, I cannot help but ask, what is the rush? If we learned anything about sex it is that taking your time with it is much more rewarding than rushing to the end goal. Yes, an occasional quickie can help you let off some steam, but learning how to tone down your moves in bed can be far more rewarding.

If you feel like a simple in-n-out technique doesn’t suffice, here are 4 groundbreaking tips on how to have the slowest, most sensual sex to date.

Consider the Benefits

No one ever speaks about it, but slow sex can have many benefits to your overall performance and wellbeing. For one, you endure for longer and have time to give your woman the orgasm she deserves. Next, going slower is great for experimenting with new positions and aspects of pleasure. Finally, slower sex is great for experiencing multiple orgasms, edging, and savoring every taste of pleasure. 

Scents Matter

If you are planning on going slow in bed, playing with different scents can be highly stimulating. Scents can come from a number of sources, such as aphrodisiac foods, scented candles, essential oils, and body perfumes. When choosing your perfect scent, however, make sure that you avoid chemical-rich products and go for natural and petrochemical-free options. 

Lubricant Variations

Lubricant is not just for penetration! Going slow in bed means having more time to repurpose your lube and use it in other creative ways. For instance, lubricant can be used on the entire body and cause touch sensitivity and greater arousal. Also, you can use flavored and edible lubes during oral sex and with sex toys, so give yourself the room to enhance the experience.

Playing Hard to Get

Slow sex can be exceptionally fun if you like to play hard to get. Adding a bit of suspense to the bedroom will amplify your pleasure and tempt you into trying harder. A practical example of playing hard to get can be edging, orgasm denial, or keeping your clothes off until you don’t want to tease anymore.

Eye Contact

Eye contact is a great way to slow down the heat in the bedroom and still keep the momentum going. When you stare into your woman’s eyes, you can notice her sensations and responses to pleasure, which then serves you as a pleasure booster. Even if you feel like speeding up without wanting to, slow your roll and gaze into each other’s eyes as you unwind.

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