4 Things Men Get Wrong about Women and Sex

When it comes to sex, men seem to pretty straightforward with the idea. The pleasure, the climax, the excitement- it all works out like a charm. However, to women and sex is a whole concept of emotions and moods, and this is where things get tricky,

Driven by their own primal nature, men oftentimes think women see sex as they do, which is completely not true. In order to prevent further confusion and misunderstanding, let’s discuss 4 sexy things that women would like men to learn.

1. Women want sex and a variety of It

There is this popular opinion that women don’t like having sex as much as men do. But, what men fail to understand is that women enjoy sex a lot, but like switching things up.

Women rely on emotions when it comes to sex, which means that they crave romance, intensity, passion, and seduction…but all at the right timing. One of the key things to consider here is the mood a woman is in ahead of sex. If, for instance, she seems tired and stressed, make sex sensual, erotic and easygoing.

If she’s filling a bit riskier, on the other hand, should urge you to put your ‘bad boy’ persona on and just go for it. Because of that, be considerate before drawing empty conclusions.

2. Women enjoy sex, emotions or not

Yes, that’s not completely untrue, but it is also something to take with a grain of salt. Women can feel emotional all the time, but on sexy occasions, don’t be surprised to learn that she just wants to have sex without sweet-talking.

Primal beings just like yourselves, women sometimes see sex as a way to vent, so refrain from the idea that sex will have her feeling all gooey and attached.

3. Women need to feel desired in bed

It doesn’t matter if you met this woman a day ago or you have known her all your life. The thing about sex and women is they want to be adored and seduced by a man over and over again. Paying her a compliment, sweeping her off her feet and telling her she feels amazing under you will work in your favor, so don’t shy away from doing it.

4. Women daydream about sex

Much like men, women like to spend some time of the day thinking about sex. Just because a woman doesn’t always vocalize her wants and needs, it doesn’t mean she didn’t imagine you getting in control. After all, women and reading erotic novels go hand in hand.

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