4 Sex Acts that Should No Longer be a Taboo!

Want to improve your overall sex life? Step out of your comfort zone and look at your sex life in the eyes! In the past decade, the art of having sex has been largely expanded and taken in many different directions.

Nowadays, many things that used to be stigmatic about sex are quite popular among couples and casual sex-havers. That said, many sexual experiences used to be considered a taboo without a good reason behind it.

If you are looking to expand your sex life past what you already know about it, here are 4 ‘taboo’ experiences to bring back to the bedroom.

No Penetration Sex

For years on end, sex has only been considered sex if there was penetration involved in the experience. However, science says that no-penetration sex can be just as enjoyable as penetrative sex and even more exciting to explore. Pleasure and erotic satisfaction can come from various sources that have nothing to do with penetration; but stimulation, teasing and creating that much-loved arousal. Play your heart out!

Virtual Sex

Those who consider phone or video call sex a fruitless experience, obviously don’t know how to do it right. The truth is that virtual sex can be very exhilarating when done right and can involve all hot things you love about sex, minus the physical connection. On one hand, this can be a torture for some; but on the other, virtual sex can actually serve as a brilliant tool for developing arousal, anticipation and sexual thrill.

Using Sex Toys

For years, people have been afraid or too shy to bring sex toys into play; and without any logical reason behind it. As it turns out, sex toys can largely boost the quality of your sex life and can contribute to more orgasms and greater satisfaction with your sex partner. Plus, with so many sex toys available for both solo play and couples; you are bound to find a few that match your sex life just right.

Consensual Impact Play

When it is enthusiastically consensual, impact play can be a very dynamic and fresh take on sex. From spanking to using your teeth as stimulation; impact play can be modified to work for both you and your sex partner. As with every other kink, impact play introduces newness and thrilling arousal; and as long as you communicate the details of the act with your partner, you can expect to a steamy bedroom blast.

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