4 Most Common Sex Problems Couples Have!

Getting down to business is an experience both men and women are looking forward to with eagerness and desire. However, no matter if you are in a committed relationship, or dating casually, having sex can sometimes there are sex problems couples have.

Ideally, we all hope to have a healthy and unproblematic sex life, but certain issues, both physical and emotional, can impact your sex life negatively. 

According to sex experts, many couples struggle with certain expectations in bed, and can’t figure out how to move from a standstill in the bedroom. And, as it turns out, these sexual couple problems are quite more common than you think. Here are 4 of the most frequent sex problems couples have and how to fix them.

1. Wander Off Is Sex Problems Couples Have!

During sex, one or both partners can get easily distracted and keep their minds on everything but what’s happening in bed. Oftentimes, stress, anxiety, obligations, and leading a hectic lifestyle can make you less focused on sex. One of the ways to fix this issue is to start scheduling sex, so once you’re in bed, your partner has your full attention. And no, scheduling sex does not make it more boring, just more adjustable.   

2. Initiating

One of the biggest sex issues with couples is the opinion that one partner has to constantly initiate sex while the other awaits. Whether it is the man or woman who is the initiator (it can be both!), the problem lies in the fact that the other person just doesn’t vocalize their needs or feels uncomfortable asking for some sexy time. As experts suggest, instead of initiating or not initiating, rationalizing to your partner what makes them so desirable in your eyes will get you a better result.  

3. Sex Problems Couples Have is Foreplay!

Sadly, most couples don’t take the time to get into a nice, long, and sensual foreplay. Rushing to have sex is great if you want a quickie, but oftentimes, to connect to your partner, foreplay is a must. Even if you are just dating off-the-record, good foreplay will always make you a generous lover who knows how to keep his date happy and satisfied.

4. Taking Each Other for Granted!

Unfortunately, being with someone for a long time can make you take them for granted, or vice versa. This is one of the most impairing things you can happen, not just in your relationship but your sex life, too. Dancing around the subject and avoiding to put in the effort will only make the issue worse, but a dose of newness and some creativity in bed will be the perfect medicine for your sexless nights.

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